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Residential Sewer & Septic


Terram Excavating specializes in Residential Sewer & Septic repairs and Installations, Civil Site Development and Public Infrastructure Improvements including site preparation, underground utilities, residential subdivisions, and street improvements. We have the staff, equipment, and technology to successfully execute excavation projects for general contractors, municipalities and private developers.


The Terram Excavating team works hard to ensure the project details are not overlooked. The work is planned, the paperwork is accurate & timely and all of our employees go home safely every night. It is these three key components that allow Interlaken to rise above the rest.

  1. Work Ethic
  2. Detail Oriented
  3. Safety Minded

Residential Sewer & Septic Installation & Repair

Need a septic system installed? We’ve got you covered!

Knowing your septic is taken care of frees up your time to work on what’s important: Making your house a home.

We install all Residential Sewer & Septic pressurized systems, including sand mounds and gravity. We also do tank replacements.  During your free estimate, we will cover project scope and answer all your questions.

Customer Favorite: Pressurized Mound Systems — Septic mounds allow for waste treatment using a pressurized gravity flow drainfield. Waste is released in controlled doses that trickle downward through gravel and sand before reaching the natural soil. This is one of our most popular, economic options. Contact us to see if a mound system is right for your property.

Our team will come to your site and provide quick, tidy, and efficient service. We get the job done. Serving all of Mid Vancouver Island including Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Nanoose, Parksville & Qualicum Beach.


Tips for Maintaining A Septic System

  • Avoid dumping grease down drains: Grease and septic tanks make a terrible combination. Grease is notorious for clogging tanks and causing plugs, potentially causing a septic overflow! Obviously a residential home isn’t going to have a grease trap; try putting it into a bag or container and dump it in your trash instead.
  • Watch what you flush: Toilets are not the only thing that clog when you flush wipes, paper towels, and napkins: your septic tank will take damage as well! These items have a hard time degrading and turning into sludge at the bottom of your tank; instead they usually end up clogging your system!